Industrial-Strength Software Lunar Industrial Software provides businesses with customer-driven, mission-critical software needed to maintain and support a variety of operations. We program custom-built software solutions for business.
Custom-Built Software Our programmers have created flexible, powerful software for a wide variety of operations, including call centers, facilities services, oil & gas exploration, investment analysis, and financial / accounting.
Business-Oriented Software Our solutions include web-based call center systems, email & SMS web survey applications, reporting middleware for finance, purchase order applications, inventory data warehousing, and even DOS utilities.
Areas of Expertise
Database Solutions Lunar Industrial Software makes custom-built data applications. We have made full-blown stand-alone web applications and client/server applications, as well as middleware for existing database solutions. We specialize in SQL (MySQL, MS SQL), and are Transact SQL experts. We follow best practices for optimizing database performance and providing security.
Internet Solutions Web applications are by far the most common new data applications made today. Web applications have replaced client/server applications due to their flexibility and mobility. The mobility of web applications is not merely a convenience, but allows you to cut costs by having a truly mobile work force. Travel, office overhead, and other costs may be cut drastically with the right application.
Successful Projects
Web Applications Traditional client/server applications are a thing of the past, and our staff is well-versed in creating a web application for your business. ASP, PHP, Javascript, SQL, Node.js, and VBScript are some of our tools. more
Database Systems Whether as part of an application solution, or adhoc routines for data mining, we can work with your database to get the data you need. Our team has 20 years of experience - we are the SQL experts! more
Call Center Systems Our premier system is a web-based, VoIP call center system. Employees may work either in the office or at home. CALLware is tied into an eCampaign system for sending out email & SMS advertising and surveys. more
Financial Accounting Lunar Industrial Software can help support this most mission-critical of operations. We have experience writing middleware for existing ERP software, as well as providing data mining and reporting via such tools as Crystal and Access. more
Affordable Programming Lunar Industrial Software offers custom-built computer software at an affordable price. We offer American programmers located overseas, as well as programmers located locally in Asia. This represents a great reduction in our business overhead. For this reason we can offer hourly rates at a deep discount comparied to programming houses whose staff is located in America or Europe.
Standard Pricing Our standard price is $50 per hour. We issue detailed, line-item project estimates based on the customer's requirements, the experience of the staff we will call upon to perform the labor, the cost of any 3rd-party software, etc. Our project estimates are very accurate due to the extensive research we perform in their preparation and due to our long experience in the business.
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